I know I am married and Mr Points of Sue would not be surprised by my choice, and yes my eldest son lives with us…..but my best buddy during lockdown….my pup Zeus.

It is true a dog can read your emotions and when feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the lockdown up he pops with his wet nose nestling into your cheek and those beautiful brown eyes staring into my soul.

There is nothing more fitting to get you out of feeling sorry for yourself when you have a special needs dog who wants to play. Zeus has neurological problems but you wouldn’t think so the way he bounds around the place, and all he wants to do is play ball. His ball is his greatest possession….all 9 of them scattered around the house.

When we go to bed at night…it is not Mr Points of Sue I cuddle up to as he has been relegated to the edge of the bed like me, but Zeus and he likes to touch us both for his comfort and his pillow has to be at the same height as ours….he is a fussy little thing. The cat well she just sits on the edge of the bed watching….she is always watching.

First thing in the morning he is up and all over you like he hasn’t seen you for weeks….despite spend the night against us and then it is breakfast together and out playing ball in the garden.

He has been so good during this lockdown as I cannot face going out with the crowds and he is very patient and just gives us loves, hugs and kisses when we look out of the window wishful thinking. It is almost as if he knows.

Having this beautiful soul to lift our mood has been a godsend and he has been with us now for 4 years and I hope he lives as long as the last JRT we had and that was 17….as letting a dog into your heart and into your home is really like letting an angel in.

He never gets angry, never growls and is always ready to play and to offer comfort when needed…..he is totally perfect in everyway and my choice for my lockdown buddy.