How comforting for the people of London who to have to do the dance of the sardines everyday when they board the tube knowing that their Mayor puffs himself up with a tax funded car. Boris took a bike and Ken Livingstone took the tube….but not Khan…..nope he has to rub their noses in it.

He should have led from the front and showed the people of London that they can still use the tube, but the fact he wears a face mask in his car shows that his only thought is for him and the rest of London and the people who use the tube can go to blazes.

He has now lost the handling of TFL due to his mismanagement and he has had to hand it over to the Government, and it shows that he is out of his depth and yet all he can do is blame the Government for his own short comings. When will he man up and take responsibility?

Is this really what Londoners want? A Mayor who is so incompetent that he is putting their lives at risk whilst swanning around in such extravagance?

I would hope they demand better as there is no way it would suit me and I would demand he uses the tube, after all if it is good enough for the taxpayers who fund his lifestyle, then it is good for the man who dips into it for his transport……

It really is a sad state of affairs that TFL has been reduced to this as it was handed over from good safe hands, and I would be amazed if Khan gets in again next year. He is only there due to the Covid 19 crisis and he has a year left to rub their noses in it…..I mean look at the death and crime rate in London….or should I say the murder capital of Europe. He has lost control of everything and if he had any honour he would go…..but we all know he wont.