I have a real problem with this as those MPs who are writing to Barnier are disregarding the will of the people and have they learnt nothing?

First it is laughable as the opposition don’t have enough to stop the government, but what they do have is the ability to cause us further embarrassment.

When are they going to put the people of the United Kingdom first? The opposition got trounced in the General Election in December and the fact that so many Labour voters voted for the Conservatives should have opened their eyes, and made them realise that they had it wrong and that they had read the people wrong and that the people want Brexit. They should be working with the Government, but we know Labour and their sneaky point scoring.

The SNP might have 40 odd seats in the Scottish Parliament but they are still part of the United Kingdom, and with such a small amount of MPs cannot change anything on their own….and with Labour being the smallest since 1935 they are all just blowing hot air. Scotland had their vote in 2014 and the country decided to stay part of this Union. Funny how those such as Labour and Lib Dems don’t believe in giving the Scots another vote, but were demanding we have one. Two faced hypocrites.

These people would drag us into a further 2 year extension where we would have no say, and where we would end up paying for the Virus in Europe as well as our own, as you can bet your bottom dollar that they would make demands for money and make laws that we would have no say in, and it would cost us billions and billions and every man, woman and child would have that cost on their head. These MPs don’t care as they just want us to stay.

Guess their idea of independence is tying us to an unelected body that will screw us daily for the money. What is their objective? Well we know that….to get us fed up to the point that we stay….well NO…..we are going as there is something rotten in the EU parliament….ask Italy.

Which bit of the majority voted out are these people struggling with? The EU has already stated that 22 trillion euros is needed to make sure that Europe recover financially from the Virus, and we know that if we are stupid enough to agree to stay that they would saddle us with a huge debt that we cannot afford to pay….but I doubt the SNP or Lib Dems would care…they are in the Stockholm Syndrome that everything the kidnapper does …ie. the EU is good and those who are rescuing us …ie. the Government is bad.

Boris and the Conservative Government are refusing to extend and refusing to put anything less than total control of our own waters on the agenda, and this is good for the fishermen and the SNP or the Lib Dems cannot see that but thankfully the fishermen and the fishing towns knew that Boris is the only one who could save them. After all the SNP and the Lib Dems would happily tie us to the EU for good. £1 we fish and £5 the EU fish and is it any wonder the fishing industry is on its knees. How disgusting that the so called opposition MPs don’t care and are totally blinkered.

Barnier will of course be delighted with this as it is anyway to big him up, but he is dealing with the wrong people and they are irrelevant in the scheme of things. They cannot stop the Boris juggernaut and he and the Government know they have to deliver on the 31st December 2020 and if its no deal…good….as we will save £39 billion, as no deal no money period.

There needs to be a law to prevent these so called opposition MPs form interfering in Government decisions as they are not in power, and do not have any authority to work on behalf of the people nor the Government and as such should be shut down.

MPs should work with the Government and not against the Government to secure a better deal and to show unity, otherwise they are acting against the majority of the people and that is unforgiveable.

We are a United Kingdom and it was united because a Scottish King James VI ratified with England as James I and Scotland is very much wanted within the United Kingdom, but sadly there madly interfering MPs who are failing the people are not.

We know that the SNP are making political mischief because it takes the heat of their failures in Scotland and there are many, and hopefully the people of Scotland will wake up and see it for themselves. As for the Lib Dems….can you really take a party of 13 seriously? They are trying to stay relevant and failing miserably.

Brexit is happening and we are out on the 31st December 2020…no more rules, no more money and we are an independent sovereign nation and I for one cannot wait to celebrate the Queen as sovereign of this nation with a free Government to make its own laws. Who would not want that?