Sat here in my home and abiding by the rules I have taken to thinking about all those poor souls who are suffering from this dreadful virus, and regardless of where we think it came from we must feel total sympathy for those who are the victims of it.

The blame game I think is not for now and that must be decided amongst politicians and those who deal in diplomacy, but now is the time to think about those who have passed and those who are grieving. A friend and neighbour has lost her mother in law and it must be devastating for her, and it got me thinking about other mothers, fathers and children who have passed away.

Words seem so inadequate and we clap for the nurses, doctors and carers knowing that they are putting their lives at risk, for the key workers who make sure we have enough to eat…..but do others? Are others in the world able to have access to things the way we do?

After this is all over maybe the WHO needs to look more at distributing the worlds resources into areas that need our help, and we need to look at manufacturing at home such items as PPE and the equipment needed to fight a pandemic as we could safely supply our own needs, and then help with the needs of others. After all…..what better gift could we give but help others as we need to keep our humanity. Lets start using the overseas aid budget for what it is meant for….helping.

It is the poorest who will suffer the most in 3rd world countries and seeing videos in the media stratosphere of people who videoed their losing fight with the virus, it is heart-breaking that these people will be left to suffer and have no help offered them.

Maybe if we all come together when it is over to make sure that we look after each other should it come again, and we know it will sadly….then we will have learnt the most valuable lesson and that includes making sure pharmaceutical companies do not over price their drugs as that is immoral, and maybe lets do something radical…..demand that the vaccine is given free…. to all for the greater good of mankind….but I guess that is me just daydreaming but what a lovely thought eh! Humanity before greed.

Please look after yours and my thoughts are with you all and stay safe.