Is the Supreme Court sitting in our best interest ? It has overturned a conviction for the terrorist Gerry Adams for trying to escape the Maze Prison…..yep he was in the Prison because as we all know he is the worse of the worst…..

The Supreme Court also known as the dream child of Blair has overturned his convictions stating that his case should have been reviewed by a Government minister and his 4.5 year sentence overturned because his 28 day extension for being a bad guy was extended….. Outrageous that a conviction can be overturned like this….when will the establishment start coming down on the side of the good guys? After all look at the witch hunts of former servicemen.

Since when have terrorists been entitled to have their cases looked at by a Government minister? He was and is just your common agarden terrorist who has been outed by his own side disgusted at his actions of trying to disown it….but we know what he is and this does not seem to have impacted those judges sitting today and they have yet again shown they are somewhat out of touch with the British public as I am sure I am not the only one annoyed….especially being a former soldier.

What planet are we on when the murdering bad guys get a walk not just through Blair and his disgusting comfort letters but also where number one bad guy can get judges to agree with him, whilst those loyal subjects who were sent to control the troubles in NI are hounded on false lies, accusations and witch hunts. It really is galling and the Government wonders why they cannot get people to join the Army.

I told my children not to bother as the country will not protect them if necessary, and no way do I want to sacrifice my sons on some looney left mantra. After all we have a current leader of the opposition who has sued the Government on behalf of an IRA terrorist because he got injured hurting a guard (I kid you not), and he also defended a suspected ISIS terrorist … with these people in charge our brave men and women can expect to be hounded again and again….and who will protect them? The law? Don’t kid yourself.

I cannot get the comment that a terrorist should have had his case specifically looked at? Why what made him special? He was in there for being said bad guy, what next a big pay-out and a gold plated apology? He should have been grateful he was allowed to walk out of prison.

It is time that Boris Johnson and the Government brought the judiciary back under the control of Parliament as it is a failed Blair vanity project, and Parliament, Parliament, Parliament writes the laws and Judges interpret it and not cause upset because of their views. It really is time to take back or they will given time start making political decisions and then we will have no democracy at all… we so very nearly saw in the last Parliament.

There will never be justice for our murdered service men and women, the NI Police nor the prison officers until we take back control and start putting them first.

Disgusted, absolutely disgusted.