In the middle of a pandemic we really don’t want to read about the importing of 52 immigrants from Greece.

We are told to stay safe, don’t socialise, stay in the house….yet this happens!!!

Too add insult to injury, they are united with family members and that is the bit that made me angry, not with them but with the government message. Why can they be reunited with their family yet I am told I cannot see mine. I have not seen my grandchildren, daughter or son for some 2 months but because the Government message was to stay safe, stay in….we have done and have another 6 weeks to do due to Mr Points of Sue’s lung condition but it is galling and very unfair.

I am not saying we shouldn’t take in immigrants because we are a nation who will often reach out to help when others have turned away, but to do so in the middle of a pandemic is outrageous. It makes a mockery of the stay safe, stay in orders because I highly doubt they have been tested for Covid 19, and the tests if done are not always accurate and does that mean this could put a further strain on our resources?

They have come from a camp in Greece where the virus is lurking as in all parts of the world, but do we really want to import now? We should have sent help, food, blankets, tents etc until the all clear….then brought them over, especially when tensions have dropped as the comments on the stratosphere are one of outrage instead of wanting to help.

I know it is not their fault, but the timing is dreadful and not what people wanted to see or read and we should demand that it is stopped until our own citizens are safe.

The government has a duty to us it’s citizens and anything else must be put on hold until safe to do so.