For those of you wanting the lockdown to be eased …look to Europe and learn from the disaster hitting Germany again.

They started to ease the lockdown and their cases of people becoming infected with Covid 19 has tripled in 24 hours.

The government wants people to stay at home where possible, and to stay off public transport. If you can’t get to work under your own steam then don’t go. The chancellor has extended the furlough scheme so if you can work from home do so, and if it’s a risk to go to work….don’t go and protect that which you value the most.

Do we really need someone holding our hand and telling us step by step about staying safe? Come on people we are grown ups…let’s act like one and take the consideration of others too when we decide to do something.

This is terribly sad for Germany and I hope it does not rise out of control, but look to them for what not to do. The result of the rise will be tougher lockdown rules and if that is what it takes so be it.

Surely it’s better to be at home rather than struck down with this awful virus, and staying in protects the NHS and the other key workers and it protects your loved ones.

Don’t be like Germany ….stay in, stay safe and be patient.