Anyone surprised that a Corbynista MP is allowed to rip off the taxpayers?

The socialist MPs are the worst and she tops it. She owns a flat in London but has a rented another one 6 miles away because….are you ready for this it takes 46 minutes to travel to work.

Some people are stuck in traffic for upwards of 2 to 3 hours a day and this disgrace of an MP can claim £15k and more for 7 months because she is allowed to dip her grubby fingers in our taxpayers coffers.

In true socialist style she is not letting her flat out to the homeless, but as per the socialist mantra is making sure her accounts are brimming whilst talking endless claptrap about the homeless.

The unlimited dipping into of the taxpayers money NEEDS to be stopped. It is not there for when some disgraceful MP wants to milk it.

Go and pay for your own home….the rest of us have too ..