Miriam Margolyes is the poster girl for the nasty side of snowflake luvvies who believe their own over-inflated rubbish.

She actually states that she wished the Prime Minister had died of Covid 19….now whatever side you politically sit on….that is just downright nasty and shows what a bitter person she is.

She is listed as a comedian and an actress….well she is now listed as one nasty old biddy, and it is outrageous if any channel or production company employs her. Her morals are in the sewer.

I don’t like Keir Starmer nor Jeremy Corbyn but they are someone’s son, father, brother and Uncle and would never wish them to die of this horrid virus…..and that is the difference between decent human beings, and immoral nasty people like her.

Time this country stopped non funny has beens like her and other looney left nutcases from hijacking our TV, because what she had to say amounted to the nastiest thing I have heard for a long time, and if at the age of 76 this is her view…then there is no hope for her and she must be so lacking in morals and manners that she should be nowhere young minds, and she needs to be confined to the has bin dump of luvvies who think what they have to say is important……because she has nothing….

Nasty…..she is just plain nasty.