Tomorrow we celebrate 75 years since this country defeated the scourge of Nazism, and I will be remembering with pride that my own father was one of those brave men and women who put their lives on the line to beat back the German plan to enslave Europe. To them and my dad especially thank you

We remember the sterling speeches of Sir Winston Churchill who told us that this country will never surrender, and his voice alone stirs that pride in every British subject.

Dame Vera Lynn singing we’ll meet again with the visions of spitfires over the Dover cliffs, and where we allow ourselves the moistness of our eyes at the words and meaning, but let us remember a quiet man who was not born to lead this country. A man who had the burden of Kingship thrust upon him, and who in our darkest hours stayed steadfast and true as the Captain of HMS Great Britain.

Let us remember His Majesty King George VI and god bless him.