The government has announced that the message for stay at home will be changed and some restrictions lifted from Monday and that cafes and pubs with outdoor areas will be reopened and allowed to serve people outside…..

The government will announce it plans to get the workforce back into its place and start the long slow process of getting this country on its feet, but that is going to be easier said than done as I am sure I am not the only one who is nervous about going out.

I tried to take my dog for a walk last week as he misses that so much, but people just did not keep their distance and it was such an ordeal that I had to call it a day, and explained to Mr Points of Sue who is in lockdown due to health that I just cannot do it, and I actually felt very tearful and very silly for getting so worked up.

I have already decided that my way of shopping will change as I am not willing to risk his life by doing something completely normal such as shopping in the supermarket, and now all of the food will be delivered even after the country is open again.

I doubt even when Mr Points of Sue and I are allowed out that we will not be visiting the pubs or cafes with a garden, we are just not going to do anything except walk the dog together as with him I will be ok, but I am still of the opinion that the government was right to follow the path it has and the constant sniping like a snot kid from Starmer is of no help at all. He has been no help at all as all he has done is just ask what the government plans to do, then when told snide at it but offer nothing in the way of helping and surely as the leader of the opposition he is supposed to have some ideas.

I have a feeling he probably thinks he is being clever by the sniping but if you look at the comments in the stratosphere of social media very few are impressed with him, infact as I blogged he has managed to do what Corbyn has and that is drop the labour party further.

There is the usual journalistic claptrap about how we are the sick man of Europe, but what a ridiculous statement. We are too crowded and unlike France who has our population but miles more room, or Germany that is bigger we have been inundated with people and it continues and of course with the constant overcrowding in we will have more casualties. China and Hong Kong are showing this as they are overcrowded and we all know that China is not being honest with their figures.

The more there are the more will get sick…it does not take a mathematician to work that out and now hopefully the Home Secretary will do her job and shut our borders. If you have nothing to offer than don’t come as our economy is going to take time to grow again, and if we are paying for those who contribute nothing then what use is that? We need the good people like the Doctors and nurses, the carers, those who work in hospitality and other services who have made this country their home and proud to work to make it better. Then and only then will be able to let in those who truly need our help….when we can afford it.

I know Starmer with his usual peacock preening for the cameras and nothing of substance will be coming out with his over the top speeches that amount for zero, and if he has nothing to help with then may I suggest he doesn’t sit and make judgement on those whose shoulders carry the burden of this horrible virus.

As lets face it we are grateful it is Boris in charge and not as it would have been Corbyn if labour had gotten in as Diane Abbott would have been in charge if he had taken unwell….and that is a prospect that is too dire to even think about. Starmer has called for a consensus i.e. he wants to run a referendum on the end of lockdown. He has a habit of ignoring the will of the people and I think he needs to understand that the country did not want his party, they did not want his leader and know they do not want him, but sadly Starmer just wants any route into some sort of power.

He needs to stand back and let Boris do what Boris does best and that is cheer lead for this country and get us back on our feet, as we not only need the strength to get us out but we will need a soft guiding hand as we have been truly left afraid and that will not disapear over night….but the right man is in charge.