Since this virus started we have as a community been so concerned about our family, friends and neighbours and pulled together as a team and it is done out of friendship and love.

For instance I created an online community hub for the area I live in and we are almost at 300 people and it is growing and whilst we are keeping it light and funny, after all who wants to read doom and gloom when you are with your friends it is also offering hints and advice….. and we are also helping each other in the most cunning of ways… learning the way of Nelson and the different flags for help etc.

One of our members has taken to showing us his paintings and is now whilst lockdown is on taking commissions for his artwork and all proceeds going to charity. For me, this is amazing as the gentleman concerned has very little of anything in reality and yet he would give you his last pound. He has suffered with his health yet will make sure you are his concern, and that goes for all of them.

We live in what was once described as a poor area but is that in terms of wealth? It is certainly not in terms of the love and warmth, and we are getting new members each day and where we join as strangers and swiftly become friends.

I just wonder without the horror of this virus would we truly be like this and has the threat of this pandemic made us more appreciative of life and what it entails?

For instance I am going out of my way to make sure that we as a family are better at recycling as I see like others the pictures of the animals making use of the towns, and the beautiful pictures of the dolphins and octopus in Venice and the harbour at Poole turned to sea green instead of a dull colour is simply wonderful, and I want to see more of it as it seems the animals are having more fun with us out of the way. Listening to the crickets and frogs of an evening is awesome and the clear skies in the day with the swans and geese flying over is pure magic and not a plane in sight….have you ever looked up at the sky and just realised how beautiful it is?

Infact I have made my garden into a haven for all types of animals, insects and birds and we have hatchlings now…..and I love it and the sounds of the bees and the colours of the insects are breath taking…. and more and more pictures are being posted on websites of the beauty of the area and with the people where I live and the nature….it really is a stunning place.

Without the virus would I have appreciated this? Would I have appreciated the neighbours and friends that I have as much as I do now?

We all live our lives at such a fast pace that we barely have time for each other, other than a quick hello going and coming back to our homes, yet now with the lockdown we are chatting across the fences in the back garden…which by the way are more than 2m apart, so probably the whole avenue hears it but we share a joke and smile because we see so much of misery in the papers that we don’t really want to dwell on it. Even in a pandemic life is beautiful and there is more to smile about than cry about.

I think this virus has taught us one thing and that is what is important and that is the people who are in our daily lives and not the things we own or the expensive holidays we go on.

I am hoping at the end of this the hub carries on….as it has been going for a year now and the people where I live are diamonds …. good old working class northerners and they have hearts of gold, and it has taken this virus for me to realise that they are what makes the community and not who has the prettiest house or the most modern car…..but the people we share our everyday lives with.