Sadly I think we will have to live with Covid 19 for the rest of our lives as we know with viruses it will try its best to live….well on a host because I was informed by my son that a virus is not alive until it has a host (which is something I just didn’t know).

We read the daily raise in figures of those poor individuals who have succumbed to this pandemic and feel so sorry for those relatives left behind. I know of friends who have lost a beloved family member and what can you say other than I am sorry…..nobody really knows what to say, or even why it had to happen and that must be the worst thing….why!.

We will when this is all over take stock of the financial cost and that we can recover from especially if we decided to buy British and spend our money on goods made here, as that is where it is most needed but we will never know the true costs of lives.

I worked round care homes and nursing homes in a previous life and was very much involved in the dementia care side of things and I saw individuals who cared so much for the residents, and who went above and beyond the very poor pay they were receiving. I have seen them give comfort, love, joy, laughter or even just sitting there chatting away and I feel that from being around these good people I learned to be a better person.

How sad must it be in the sector now that there are people who are dying from this virus and they know what it is but there will be no official figures. It must be heart breaking especially as they care for them in some cases 24/7.

Sadly some experts think we shall have to learn to live with this and that we will have to change the way we deal with life and each other, but what about the care homes? My mother is in a retirement village and sadly those who have health care in there have fallen to the virus and I am grateful she can lock her front door and not venture out, but what about those who need the help?

It cannot be just ok to accept that we will lose our elderly as we will all be old one day and as I stated to my daughter, don’t ever put me in one of those places as my safety cannot be guaranteed….and it is through no fault of the home or the carers. It is just the way it is.

Sadly this virus has taken the weakest in the care homes and we need to find a way of registering the true death certificates, other wise we will continue to see a rise in the deaths and not put 2 and 2 together and will that not make us complacent?

This is not knocking the care homes because as I said they are amazing people and do an amazing job in what must be the most stressful of times, but we owe it to them and to the relatives to at least be honest with regards to any deaths and that must be on the shoulders of the government. Honesty and true figures gives us a choice and we have already discussed our mother living with one of us if she finally needs help.

I would like to know how any relative of mine passed away as the what if is the worst and no one should have to go through life with that thinking about a loved one and what took them away.

It is now upto the government to find a way of registering all the death certificates from Covid 19 as we owe to those who have passed and those who are left behind, and this can only be done with total cooperation with and from the care sector.