I am not going to write whether he is guilty or not or on the actual accusation as that between Andrew and the law, but what is irking is that he is allowed to dismiss 3 requests for interviews….other mere mortals wouldn’t get that opportunity.

This is to do with child molestation and prostitution and it is the one thing that makes us so angry and skin crawl….the thought that anyone can molest a child and get away with it and if there is a chance to either find the guilty or in some cases exonerate a person then both avenues should be looked into.

The palace is currently riding a high with the great work that Her Majesty, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, their children and the Earl and Countess of Wessex, and lets not forget Princess Anne are doing. They have rallied the nation and we seem to be looking favourably at them…..but the more the men in grey suits and Her Majesty continues to hide Andrew the more likely we are to lose that, as nobody is above the law and this should be especially said of the Royal family.

I don’t know the ins and outs of this and the fact that the palace has chosen to leave him out of the court circular and cancelled all of his patronages shows that they are aware of the feelings of the public, but they need to step forward once more and let the FBI interview him. I don’t think anyone would object to it being in the palace and with a lawyer present, but he needs to be interviewed as there are questions to be asked.

After all it just shows the rest of us mere mortals that with money and a title you can get away with anything, and whilst that might have happened a hundred years ago…..we are more savvy now and we know they are only the Royal Family because we allow it. Take that away and they will be the ex Royals. It will also answer the questions that need to be asked and put to bed the rumours as we all know they can get blown out of proportion.

I hope although I strongly suspect it won’t happen that HRH The Duke of York finally comes to his senses and answer the questions as if he has nothing to hide then what it is the problem?