This awful pandemic has taken its toll on all of us….we have got up worried and gone to bed worried and worried about our loved ones, and especially how they are coping and are they getting enough to eat, are they staying well and hoping that no one becomes unwell.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes to those who have lost their loved ones but can it really sit comfortably to sue the NHS for doing their job? After all the NHS have lost the most in staff members who have died trying to protect those who have become unwell.

To then try and pick apart the medical help that has been given and put a specific blame on individuals or hospital and it will be a specific blame is wrong. This is a pandemic and no one could have foreseen the disaster that would fall on this country, and if there is anyone to blame look to China, but certainly not those brave souls who go to work daily leaving their families behind, those same families who do not know if their loved ones are going to be coming home well at night or coming home at all!

Those same individuals who are fighting beyond what is expected to try and salvage some form of humanity from a virus that kills without issue, without remorse and without care. To do this is really an insult to those who have died in the NHS…what should their families do? Sue the individuals who they caught it off whilst nursing them?

I know they are angry and they want to vent off steam but this is wrong on every level and I hope it gets thrown out before it even starts. We spend every Thursday night at 8pm clapping our heroes and they are just that, but to then turn around and sue the health service is an affront to their sacrifice. After all will money really bring back their loved one? What if they discover that the virus their loved one went in with caused the death of an NHS worker??

We have been given a bright light in this dark world by Colonel Tom Moore who raised £30 million for the NHS and who wanted to make sure it helps them…..and we gave gladly…..and yet sadly we the blame directed at the wrong people. I understand their anger, but can we really sit easy knowing that in the middle of a pandemic there is the prospect that NHS staff and hospitals could be sued?

What will happen next…. a disclaimer as you arrive dying? This is a ridiculous prospect and should be stopped. The families need to grieve like everyone else, but please remember that there are families who are grieving because their loved ones were looking after yours in the NHS. Instead of staying away the NHS ended up with thousands more retired people working for them, good people who despite knowing the risks almost ran into the pandemic. Salute their bravery….don’t sue them

It will be an affront to the memory of the Doctors, Nurses and Care Workers who died and the NHS for this to carry on and we need to protect those who are trying to help us, after all they are protecting us with their lives in some cases.