Starmer is doing for the Labour party what Corbyn did…..nosediving them.

This is soo funny….Starmer is doing what Corbyn did and making the labour party unelectable. It seems that the expected rise in popularity for Starmer hasn’t happened and he is now falling further behind the Conservative party.

As a tory voter this is music to my ears but it doesn’t take the brains of an archbishop to realise that Starmer, like Corbyn is just not electable and I cannot imagine they would get many more votes in a general election….so keep going the way you are Keir….and I can have so many positive sleep filled nights.

He has tried to take credit for the potential 5 steps out of lockdown and his political point scoring exercise has backfired on him and it is just purely that the people trust and like Boris more than they do Keir Starmer.

We know he keeps quiet on the anti-semetism. We know he told the police to keep quiet on the grooming gangs and he also defended terrorists when they sued the state, and took work from the disgraced Phil Shiner and there is quite simply nowhere for him to hide from his past life and it needs to be brought up again and again.

It doesn’t matter what he does, he is seen as the London MP yet again who tried to stop democracy, has two multi million pound houses and a title and who is trying to convince traditional working labour voters he is one of them….YEAH RIGHT….

We know that labour and Starmer are not going to get in at the next election and quite possibly the one after that and it is because we don’t trust labour …. just have a look at his discredited shadow front bench to see what is waiting in the wings. If that doesn’t scare you alone then nothing will.

As I say keep going old boy and I shall happily sit back and watch the tory party get into power again and again and simply because you are not likeable and not electable….just like your party.

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