If you think you should be on the list….contact your MP….


The Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced that almost two million people who are classed as vulnerable by the NHS will start to receive free weekly food parcels. This is wonderful news for those who are desperately in need.

Mr Points of Sue has been classed as that due to his health but we don’t need the parcels as we have managed to get shopping delivered and have friends and family looking out for us, but it still does not take away that is a fantastic gesture on behalf of the government.

I hope that they do ring up all those concerned to see if they actually need help as I would like to see the one that would have been earmarked for us go to a more needy family, and I should imagine that there are many other savvy people who have just managed fine.

I hope this will shut up those critics who say the conservative party don’t care as they do and this is just in the long line of the things they are trying to do to make this current situation more liveable, but with Boris in charge I am not surprised as he knows the people and he knows what they value the most.

If you have not been identified but feel that you are in need…contact your local MP and discuss it with him/her and get the help you need as although some of us may be classed as vulnerable….we aren’t…..

Well done The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick……

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