We see the usual story of Covidiots breaking the law as though it doesn’t apply to them but these are very few of the stories we can look back at. There are the everyday stories of greedy tax avoiding bosses wanting handouts, and we know that human nature being what it is …… we will make sure their products are last on our list if at all…..but then we have the wonderful positive stories to guide us through this.

First of all we had a nation more or less coming together to wish our PM a healthy recovery as lets face it Boris is definitely a Heineken type of guy, and I think secretly we all like him…well it is no secret from me I adore the chap and if we can transcend politics like that….then maybe we are not as divided as some would have us believe.

The clapping for the NHS and care workers to show our appreciation is a joy and I hope this continues for a very long time. After all what is 2 minutes out of your life every week?

Then we have Her Majesty doing what she does the best of and that is calming the nation down with her perfectly timed broadcast, and using the words of another time when this country knew hardness and tragedy and like that Grand Old Dame says “We’ll meet again”.

Colonel Tom Moore and his charitable drive for the NHS and if anyone captures the heart of this nation it is Tom and as a former soldier I have to admit having a soft spot for those who fought in WW2 and I always think they are always the best of the best.

What of those nearer home though? Those people we see in everyday life? Well I see looking through the windows of my own home people helping every day. There are care workers, police officers, prison officers, nurses, retail workers and bus drivers who live in my avenue and who go to work with no fanfare. Delivery men too and always with a smile and how brave! They have two former service personnel in their avenue yet they are the brave ones. We knew who our enemy was….they don’t.

Phone calls from my young neighbours everyday asking if there is anything I need and they don’t have to do it and I have become very fond of them….their kids are amazingly funny and their mum has given up telling me to stop buying for them….never happen as I love it when they should “Nue”….can’t say the S…but the one thing this virus has brought out is the good in people and it is heartwarming.

I run a community website with others and the aim is to make people laugh, chat and just be us. We have good people from the church offering to drop food parcels off and whilst I don’t believe in religion I do believe in the goodness and humanity of people, and even our local MP Andy Carter has taken to ensuring that the vulnerable are looked after even knowing that doing this could put his life at risk. I don’t regret voting for him as he seems to know how and when to do the right thing at the right time and he cares. Which we all know is unusual for an MP as they talk the talk, but Andy is one of those rare ones who walk the walk too….he is a keeper.

My own family have come together, and I am going to treat my son-in-law to a bar in his garden after this as he has run round after me, his father-in-law and my mother and this virus has made me realise that we are the ones to have him as our son-in-law. We had always looked at him with the view that so many ex service personnel look with…..that only our community meets our expectations….but I was sooooo wrong. I am the daughter of a soldier, and I married one but thank goodness my daughter totally ignored what I did and married Adam. He is dipsy, talkative, loud and horror of horror has really long hair…but he is a star and we are lucky to have him…….but shushhh don’t tell him that.

This virus has shown us that family, friends and community is everything. I am waiting patiently for this virus to die away so I can spend time with my children I have been unable to see, and the grandchildren I have been unable to hug….and then her majesty….mother.

This virus has shown us that it is not a failure in life to work in a shop but that it is a matter of pride and necessity and if any of my grandchildren said they wanted to work in Asda or Tesco etc….then yippee as I know that this virus will chance our snooty view on the low paid workers, as without them we would be in total chaos ….. as they are important too.

My son in law is a janitor and I have the same pride in him as I do for my son who will graduate as a Doctor of Genetics in 18 months time….as both are important in their own right, and that is where I have changed.

It is not what you do but how important you are too society. My family and friends in my society are the most important of all as no doubt everyone else thinks that of theirs, and I will make that concerted effort to go out shopping with my daughter, let my granddaughter paint my face with her make up and learn how to play the Ps4 with my grandsons and go on a journey to see my old friend who lives outside of Plymouth…..as sadly this virus has shown we never know our last days or what is around the corner and I don’t want to regret.

I think that the pandemic has shown a kinder more appreciative side of people and I have posters all over my door thanking the delivery drivers from Asda, the NHS, the postie and the binmen and I wouldn’t have thought of doing that before. So maybe there is a positive side to this virus and that is we are finally realising what is important, who is important and to show our appreciation.

Maybe we shall see a little more thank you and a lot less criticism of the NHS as they have suffered such losses and people more willing to help as that will be the thing that beats this virus, as gaining our humanity can only make us better and that is something I am looking forward to being.