I stand behind Mick Cash wanting total PPE and health and safety for the TFL staff but as usual the creeping militancy of the trade union rears its ugly head and he is demanding more money.

Some people have not even got a job to go back too….so its a bit rich when the RMT union are demanding more money, especially at a time when the economy is so uncertain and it will get worse before it gets better and I don’t doubt he will call a strike…..and this time he won’t win…not for money.

I would be more inclined to be behind him if he didn’t start getting greedy…..he does however have the right to hold the mayor to account for the safety of the workforce. Conservative Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey has blasted the mayor for spending more on useless art projects rather than PPE for the front line staff. It is shocking really as he has spent £2.3 million on concert venues and £2.1 on PPE and it is not enough, it has not nearly been enough and TFL staff are dying. You only have to see from the graph below that London is suffering the highest of deaths, does Khan really want to make it worse?

Daily Mail 1st May 2020

Come on Mr Mayor there are 60,000 members of staff that need constant PPE and you are failing in your job and Mr Cash must not fail in his by demanding, yes demanding PPE and a correct and safe return to work….but talk money when the economy is back on its feet or else you will lose the support of those who will be left struggling.

The map showing the death rates of England and Wales with the trainlines overlapped. Daily Mail 1st May 2020

There has been no response from the mayor’s office other than to be corrected by TFL due to his usual cry that TFL and London are running out of money, when they are infact not. £1.2 billion he has in reserves whilst council staff are left to run the gauntlet of a deadly virus. Shocking absolutely shocking. He is not worthy of the role of Mayor as he is leaving London and its people at the mercy of a pandemic.