Lets send this brave policewoman our love and respect after she was spat at in the eye by a thug. Temisan Oritsejafor viciously spat at this brave servant of our country after he was arrested for assaulting a neighbour.

This low life scumbag was already on bail for a previous assault on a police officer and now he has done this. I would have tazared him for it or used a night stick or made him hit every step on the way down….and maybe that is why it is best I am not a police officer.

It is the moment she cries for fear of getting the coronavirus that upset me as the horrible thought is that she could become ill, and lets all hope and pray that she has had an escape……

However, said scumbag should be charged with attempted murder as to do that is attempted murder as people have died from it and he needs locking in a cell and never seeing the light of day again.

Lets hear for our brave policemen and women and send our love to PC Annie Napier. xxxx