Anti semetism and Labour have reared its ugly head in the form of Diane Abbott and Bell Riberio-Addy….both Labour MPs. They joined in a conversation on zoom organised by John McDonnell’s Labour Representation Committee called Don’t Leave. Anything to do with terrorist supporting anarchist McDonnell is repulsive to start with….

Taking part in this nasty little gathering was Jackie Walker who was thrown out of the party for saying the Jewish people were responsible for the slave trade…(honestly where do they find these morons from)……as well as activist Jo Bird who was at one time suspended from Labour for making not so funny jokes about the ‘Jew Process’.

They then spent the time lamenting that Labour is not doing enough to deal with the racism against blacks….which I must confess I have seen very little of in Labour and who seem too interested in coming out with the most vile anti-semetism….Wow could that be because Labour have become the new standard with regards to anti-semetism.

The disgusting conversation I can only assume came about because their combined IQ OF ONE was having a problem kickstarting that night….but the biggest shocker is that Starmer has only reprimanded them and not kicked them out.

We know that once the leader of the labour party stated anti-semetism would have no platform he would have to stand by it….but how shocking to learn that his own wife and children are Jewish and he said nothing much during his time in the shadow cabinet under Labour, and now is doing even less. His lack of objections were deafening and quite shameful to be honest.

I am married to a Jewish man and anyone said anything anti-semetic within 10 feet of me would result in a severe tongue lashing and comments that would not be considered ladylike, but Starmer does nothing….other than tell them they are a bit naughty and not to do it again.

A Labour spokeswoman said that those who had taken part in the disgusting anti-semetic rant on Wednesday ‘have been reminded of their responsibilities’……WOW JUST WOW is that all…..

Starmer mealymouthed the usual rubbish he comes out with and that is that they do not share the views of the Labour Party…..but Starmer….they do. They do as long as a spineless leader like you does nothing when in the shadow cabinet and then does even less whilst leader. They are standing for exactly what Labour believes as the established anti-semetic party of Great Britain.

Labour is under investigation by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) for their anti-semetism and they are the gift that just keeps giving in the form of Abbott and the other disgraceful individuals who really shouldn’t be sit anywhere near the commons…never mind in it. They were even defending Ken Livingstone and he is one of those who you just cannot defend.

What a disappointment this nasty party must be to the decent Labour voters in this country and what a continued disappointment to realise that you are just swapping one useless leader for another, and who does not have that decent backbone that puts morals above that of the number of bums on seats.

Starmer has within such a short space of time already breached one of the ten pledges drawn up when running for the leadership post, but I guess like his republican stance he will say anything to get what he wants…..I mean how can a man who is republican take a knighthood? This sums up Starmer in a nutshell….he says one thing and does another.

At least I know as a conservative voter that Starmer will not get in as we have not even looked at the people he has put in his shadow cabinet, including one who has told those white rape victims of Pakistani groomers that they need to keep quiet for the sake of community…..that is Naz Shah and are you ready for this she is Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion……you cannot make this up…….

Afzal Khan who is Shadow Deputy Leader of the Commons who has compared Israel to the Nazis in a tweet on the 24th August 2014 when an MEP …and reportedly shared a video in August 2015 on Facebook by antisemetic Phillip E Taylor with the text referring to ‘Israel British-Swiss-Rothschilds Crime Syndicate’ and ‘mass murdering Rothschilds Israeli Mafia Criminal liars’. Taken from

These are the sort of people that Starmer has in his cabinet………..nice eh!