A study in Shenzhen, China has discovered that children DO catch the virus as often as adults and can spread it to the older generation….


This is why the schools must stay closed. When the mere mention of going back to school hit my ears I panicked like mad and contacted my daughter, who promptly informed me that no way were my grandchildren going back to school until at least September.

This was decided by her and her husband and I must confess I did tell her that if she had decided otherwise I would either lie down in the road to stop her or strap myself to the bonnet….either way it would prevent her. Thankfully my daughter is more of a worrier for the children than I am….they are 3 of the most precious little children on the planet, and by the way if you think that’s drastic…their great grandmother ….i.e. my mother aka HM The Queen in our house stated she would take off the tyres, then the engine….that did make me giggle at the thought my nearly 80 year old mother would put the car up on bricks….

The conversation whist having a lighted hearted moment was extremely serious as I informed her that if they had gone back that their Grandfather and I could not see them as he is working from the equivalent of one lung and that catching the disease would kill him…..It shows the mindset of our thinking now thought that we are in such a state at the children going to school….a normal everyday activity before the virus struck and hopefully when it fades a normal everyday activity again. Never mind the danger they themselves are being put in…..and I don’t want and neither do the millions of families either.

Children like my two youngest grandchildren who are autistic found it hard at the beginning but their mum keeps them to a strict timetable as it is best for them, and we skype in as often as we can. Infact I spent 3 hours one afternoon on the phone with my grandson trying to remember everything I could about Edward III and Richard II…..my daughter told me it was Richard III and I spent the night before being a diligent nana and reading all my books as I do like history….and then wham…wrong King.

We managed it but grief did my head hurt….so respect to you teachers. I only had one afternoon of it……

Schools must remain closed until the virus has peaked and we can safely send them to school. After all how many times do we speak to our children about the bad things outside ….and this is one of them that they must be aware of.

Running a community hub in my spare time I have managed to find various websites offering help and maths and English for all ages and if you are interested then please contact me…but they have been a godsend as no child should feel they are missing out….although I suspect that they are enjoying the sleep ins as how difficult is it to get them up anyway?

The schools will reopen when it is safe and then and only then can we let the most precious things we have … our children.