The Prime Minister and the Government have today stated that the UK is on a ‘downward slope’ and that we need to keep going with the lockdown.

He has further stated that he will reveal the exist strategy and roadmap next week.

Now I for one trust the PM to do what is in the best interest of this country and he and the government are acting in what they view as the most sensible thing for the state and to avoid the 2nd wave, as lets face it none of us knows what is around the corner and we need to think and act before we do anything now as this unseen killer has scared the life out of us and sadly for some the pain of losing a beloved relative to it will be made all the worse if we cannot get rid of it.

I am under no illusion that the Chancellor wants to get Britain Plc back to work, but there is a long road ahead and we must have patience as a second wave could be harder to fight than the first one and none of us wants that.

As I sit here my own mother who lives in a retirement village has informed me that the virus is in there and sadly two residents have been taken to hospital with it, and I am terrified for the health of my mother but I also know she is sensible and she will not open her door to anyone and thankfully does not need care.  My siblings and I are leaving parcels of food for her and I am making sure she has plenty of home made cakes and her favourite cornettoes curtesy of my son in law as I myself am on lockdown  due to having a husband with severe lung disease,  and even as a 50 something female, the thought that I could lose my mother to this fills me with dread and I want her here for years and years,  but I am looking at the fact that she is an old soldier and will do as she says and will knit her way through the lockdown.  I cannot wait till I see her or my grandchildren again as I have taken to having presents of toys delivered to them so that they know nana is thinking of them….and even worse they live a 3 minute walk away…..this virus is so cruel.

The current death toll of the virus stands at 26,570 with an increase today of some 473 and that is 26,570 grieving families who when celebrating the start of a new year with such hope could not have dreamed that this silent enemy would attack their nearest and dearest, and this is why we must do as we are told and do it willingly.

Medical experts themselves have stated that if we realise lockdown early that thousands more could die, and that the NHS will feel like a punchbag having run the gauntlet.  Is that really fair to those wonderful men and women who are putting their own lives at risk to protect us?

The juggling trick is to win the battle against this virus and to kickstart the economy, and we can only do that if people do what they are told and stay in.  The quicker we rid the world of this horrid, evil, wicked virus the quicker we can go about our daily lives as I for one would like to have afternoon tea with my mother for years to come, hug my son who I have not seen for weeks and weeks and spend the afternoon in my lovely daughter’s house listening to the wonderful loud noises that my grandchildren make as above all I miss that.