VE Day Celebrations

I have decided that pandemic or not….nothing will stop me celebrating VE Day on the 8th May.

I know it cannot be the party that I had planned but there are 3 adults in my home and we can party with 3. I have the Union flag and the English flag already and bunting on order. Cupcake spitfire decorations and Vera Lynn downloaded and it will be playing in the garden come rain or shine.

Posted notes through the doors of the neighbours asking them to come out as one to clap and say thank you and I will be popping celebratory cupcakes on their doorstep….as for me this is personal.

This for me is my way of saying thank you to my father Eric who as a young boy lied about his age to join the army, drive a tank and fight and boy did he want to fight. By the time he had done 4 years in the Army he was only nearly 20… I grew up with a hero who at not quite 16 decided to fight tyranny and his stories were fascinating, funny and sometimes sad but like many of his generation he left the horror out as that was something they went through and did not feel it right to tell his children.

Sadly my hero is no longer here but when I celebrate I will be thanking all of the people who gave me my freedom, but there will always be one person at the forefront of all celebrations and that is my dad, my wonderful loving father.

Lets show the world that we never forget, we are always grateful and that the generation of WW2 are forever in our hearts.