Here we go again….another day and another set of left wing charmers to deal with. The PM was trolled for not being at PMQs….first it was because he was too delicate and scared….(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) of Starmer, and even when the truth is there in their faces they are still at it.

Ruth Cadbury blasts the PM for missing PMQs stating that it is another excuse for him….well cheers Ruth for showing kindness NOT at the birth of a baby., the usual bunch of bores who write such nasty things hidden behind their keyboards…..(its a baby for god sake…..) and my old favourite who I dislike the most……the unelected Alistair Campbell.

The thing with Alistair Campbell is that he is not elected and has never stuck his head above the parapet to stand on his views in an election as he would get to find out in real life how disliked he is.

Mr Campbell, who was Labour’s chief spin doctor during Tony Blair’s term as prime minister, hit out at the PM’s decision to miss PMQs .A new born baby may be a better excuse than most for missing PMQs (though he should still be doing it),’ the former journalist wrote.’ I suspect we are going to see an awful lot of excuses in future. Boris Johnson has a habit of avoiding proper scrutiny.’  Daily Mail 29th April 2020

Lets talk scrutiny and accountability shall we Campbell.. 192 British deaths and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lie at the door of you and Blair….and even though the enquiry into the Iraq War said that he was irrelevant and of no importance he is still responsible………but why he is even considered for the papers is beyond me….as we know both he and his master Blair still have questions to answer. The fact that he cannot even be gracious to the PM and his partner on the birth of their child along with all those other nasty left wing morons who constantly snipe shows the depth of the nastiness of Labour, and reiterates why they will never be elected as if they cannot be trusted to behave and show some normal human traits…how can they be trusted with the country?

Like me a lot of people will be disgusted but not surprised with the levels that the Labour party sink too and with the continued smell of nastiness that hangs around from the likes of Campbell and the Corbynistas such as Cadbury Labour can kiss goodbye to power, credibility and likeability.