Watching the BBC whilst having breakfast which I really should have known better……I could feel my blood pressure rising at the way they are constantly sniping at the Prime Minister.

Almost gloating that he would not turn up to PMQs today as nobody had informed them (since when does a Government inform some journalist what they are doing….need to know and these left wing supporters do not need to know) and using their usual bias speculation that some of those in cabinet do not want him to be there as it would show him in a weak state…MY GOD the man was lingering at death’s door with this awful virus not so long ago, and that doesn’t seem to be a reasonable enough excuse for them…..

I know I give my tenpence of thoughts but I am only an interested person in politics and yet these people who work for the BBC are constantly showing their colours and it is against everything British and everything Conservative, and I am absolutely positive I am not the only one sick to the back teeth of it.

Journalism must be the hardest course to pass as it seems very few of the BBC reporters have actually achieved it as I have yet to see an article that takes both sides into consideration, and not their usual tirade of views that match their left wing credentials and where even humanity does not come into it.

What the BBC does not realise is that the more they spout their claptrap the more the people are going to be behind Boris. Those of us with the moral compass on compassionate and human cannot begin to understand the horrors he has seen and yes it is the right thing to do to keep him safe and to let him recover. After all, can you imagine the crash on the economy if he died? The BBC would have called him out over that…….

It seems the BBC has lost its Britishness and I can remember my father and grandmother telling me how the BBC were such a force for good during WW2, but they seem to have forgotten that and are now employing the sort of people that make me want to switch off as I managed it for all of 15 minutes and thought nope….switch over to anything….even CBeebies as what they have to say is more interesting.

I cannot wait for the day that the Government takes away their licence fee as they are not impartial and do not report the news….just their left wing agenda and people like me are sick of it.