I like Donald Trump I really do and found his straight forward way of dealing with things so refreshing from the usual garbage spouted by politicians, but even I think he has gone too far now. I have never heard something so horrendous as to even suggest injecting disinfectant. Dear god the Nazis did that….has he really no idea????

I fear for the USA I really do….you have President Trump who seems to ignore the advice of those a lot more switched on than he is…..and then look who is waiting in the wings…..Joe Biden……it is the case between crazy and worse.

The President needs to take a step back and let the experts do their job and not keep trying to take over as it reduces him down to nothing more than a meme joke, and is that really what the States need whilst in the middle of this pandemic? I know that our PM might not be everyone’s cup of tea…(he is mine and I like him and voted for him), but he is dignified and listens to those around him and he will always hand over to his experts and he never interrupts.

I guess that is the difference between a statesman such as Boris and a President that believes his own hype and who is very rarely told no…maybe if he was told that more often he might have a bit of humility as currently all that is happening is the discussion of the President and his behaviour rather than that of the terrible time the USA is having.

Is there no one in the Trump administration who can tell him to shut up? Maybe his daughter should grow a set as currently her father is looking like a fool on the world stage, and I would have walked over hot coals to protect my father from looking foolish….although I was lucky as I had a very learned father who had humility and knew when to speak and when to listen and I hope I am half as good as he was.

I know we need to have humour at this awful time but can that really be at the expense of the American Government ? Your average citizen or subject as we like to be known in the UK fully accepted that Trump could have been telling the truth with the rant against the fake news as we have had it for years, but he should have quit whilst he was ahead and now all he has done is given those who are going up against him ammunition for months and months, and there is now nothing he can do….its out there in twitterland and the rest of the media outerspace via the internet thingymabob as I like to call it.

The only advice any of us can take is from our own medical teams and listen to what the Doctors are saying…..take your lead from them and if you are unsure then ring and ask…..its just a phone call.

I was unsure of how to react with the lockdown and my husband who has a lung condition, but a quick phone call for advice and I had the full facts and not once did I think my PM knew…he is a politician and not a Doctor….and President Trump is neither…..

Stay safe everyone from this awful virus….kiss your loved ones if you can and ring and videochat those you can’t and let them know how much you love them as sadly some will not be here anymore….as I sadly found out from one of my neighbours today about his mother.

To my mother, my son, my daughter, my son in law and my 3 grandchildren who I cannot see because of this lockdown I just want to say I love you all and I cannot wait till we are together again……