Well we are now 5 weeks in and poor old Mr Points of Sue desperately wants to get out and walk and he can’t. I am not even letting him go to the front door for parcels as I am always aware of the very serious lung condition he has and he and I know that if he gets it…game over.

He has his garage and is currently making a new lathe from the machines he has in there…guess you can never take the engineer out of the boy (even in retirement) and if it keeps him busy then I am encouraging it…but he is like a dog with a bone waiting for the parcels to appear to bring him the items he needs to carry on.

It must be difficult for him as he served 22 years in the Army and gained the rank of WO1 Bn ASM, and it can be painful watching him now struggling to do things but he is a proud man and I let him do it. I know I am lucky as he is still with me which is a blessing, and I think again and again of those poor people who have died from this horrible virus and the pain their relatives must be going through.

As for me well I have my writing to do and the book I am currently writing which is coming along tickety boo…..and then there is supervising my eldest son whilst he does all the DIY…currently it is the kitchen, and being mum I can always find him more and more things to do.

I guess basically our lockdown is not as grim as we first thought it would be as Mr Points of Sue cannot leave the house for 3 months and when the letter first arrived I thought oh god no…..but to be honest compared with what people have gone through we have had an uneventful one, albeit with lots of gardening and the garden looks beautiful and DIY but that is it. The only thing that has affected us in our inability to walk our beloved JRT for the couple of hours a day we normally do. Even lockdown is not affecting our son as he works from home too…he designs and makes covers for E-cigs and so our home life of working has remained our home life of working.

The saddest thing is that we are unable to see our grandchildren and the hardest thing is that they literally live round the corner and it takes 3 minutes to walk but we have done as requested by the government and stayed in. We speak to them daily by Skype and our grand-daughter has told us she plans to come and live with us for some 6 months when we are out of lockdown which tickled us pink….and one which we will gladly take up along with her brothers.

I guess our journey through this lockdown has been totally unremarkable. We have enough toilet paper (although what people are doing with it, handgel and cat food is beyond me), and we have managed to get regular food slots and want for nothing. Infact I must admit I have popped out of the front door to deliver cake to my neighbours with a quick open of the porch door and a text message…and I am feeling blessed as I have a young couple who ring me everyday to see if I need anything as he is a key worker and is out everyday, and then my best friend lives next door and she is a shop supervisor and she checks up all the time which makes me feel loved by some good people. I have my son in law who is also a key worker who drops things off we need and I share everything with my daughter and her family, or my mum if needs be.

I think the worst day was having to make an emergency food drop off to our son and not being able to touch him but a quick wave and then he went in…I had not seen him for 3 weeks before and two months in, and the missing him hole in the heart gets a little bigger everyday but I know it is not forever……and 6ft 2″ or not he is getting a huge hug and kiss from his mum when we can.

So I guess I can say with my hand on my heart that we have no idea of the horror that is going on in the world as we are doing as we are told and that has to be a good thing. We get all our information from the news channels and don’t get me wrong in the beginning I looked at the front door as though death itself was waiting but as we have settled into our lockdown lives I cannot say it is awful, and certainly no reason for me or any of my family members to venture out.

It has got me thinking though and that is maybe for the sake of Mr Points of Sue I will continue to have my shopping delivered and use our time more wisely than our endless trudges to the shops…..and I know Mr Points of Sue would welcome that.

If your journey is like mine really unremarkable then there should be no reason for you to go out and this is helping to save lives. I would however like to finish this piece with thanking all those who are keeping this wonderful country going and for looking danger in the face and still doing your job. You are all the finest examples of what it means to be a hero and stay safe for all our sakes.