Lockdown for Mr Points of Sue and I is not as bad as we thought. We have another 3 months to go now as Mr Points of Sue has a chronic lung disease and he has less than 50% of lung use during normal times and he and I know if he got it….then game over. When I first ticked the days on the calendar to the 1st July my jaw dropped, but getting used to being at home really isn’t as bad as I thought as I am still able to work, offer help and run the community Facebook account which is growing and I am currently arranging an online quiz night.

Anyhow we are not dwelling on the what ifs and we have decided to turn everything into a positive. Mr Points of Sue has a garage full of engineering stuff (not technical minded), and he is spending time in there making something or other….he does tell me but whoosh it goes right over my head. All I know is that I am now head of marketing for his designs, as well as being head of customer service and accounts. A together thing as he calls it. Thankfully it is not currently taxing as it is new.

The jobs around the house are getting done. Door frames being painted, dining room painted, fences painted, fence posts painted and skirting boards in the dining room painted. Mr Points of Sue and my eldest son are working away like busy bees and I know that by the time our lockdown (which is longer than requested), that all the jobs will be done and we can just spend days out with our loved ones.

My first day out would be to see my youngest Son who is studying for PhD and we haven’t seen him other than one emergency food drop. It made me so sad to see him but not hug him…even though he is 6ft 2″ and I am 5ft 7″….and I can remember a tearful phone call from my mum who informed me that my brother had dropped food off to her and she could not hug him, and that had hit home very much and I knew exactly what she meant. My mum is hardy bless her…she is 5ft of don’t mess with me sort of person but one who makes the most fantastic meals and likes to fuss. There are 24 adults (her children, in laws and grown up grandchildren)…so her phone is always engaged, and she discovered the use of skype which she keeps in contact with her great grandchildren but like so many I am worrying about her.

The virus in its own way has brought the family more together. I ring my mum twice a day to make sure she is ok, and my daughter and family are spoken too every day. Missing the grandchildren is the worst but I have promised my granddaughter that as soon as nana and grandad can see them we will be having a day out with her and her brothers. My daughter said what do you mean a day….we are dropping them off for a week and scarpering and she is not kidding.

We have other jobs to do around the house and Mr Points of Sue wants to strip our youngest son’s room down and redecorate, and my eldest son is going to decorate his room (we already have the stuff in as going out for paint and wallpaper is not essential)….for me the garden is coming along a treat (found an online garden centre who delivers woohoo), and I am studying my NEBOSH now and looking at an exam ready for the end of lockdown, along with making sure I still hit my clients deadlines. Then we have the beautiful weather and the clear skies as no planes in the air means we have a gorgeous sky, the birds singing louder and at night I can hear the crickets and frogs on the local country park where I live. I had never heard them before and it is awesome.

We are not panic buying although for the life of me I don’t know what people are doing with toilet rolls, and I am grateful to my young neighbours who ring everyday to see if we need anything. After this virus has gone I am going to treat them to a musical (Mr Points of Sue would be mortified if I purchased tickets for us….he hates musicals), but this would be my way of saying thank you. I am also lucky that my best friend lives next door and we text often and of course there is the obligatory trip to the pub for lunch when we can get out. Again this virus has made us closer as a community as all of us in the avenue keep in touch through messenger and it feels as though we all care.

I try to not put the news on too much as I know that rising death rate would frighten Mr Points of Sue and we are trying to remain positive, although running a political and community site I need to keep checking the news but have do it now on the phone or laptop.

I have actually discovered that 30 years on with Mr Points of Sue that I actually still adore his company and have no desire to bury him under the patio that we are planning.

I guess I am a glass is always half full kind of person and I feel so terribly sorry for those who are victims of this horrible virus and the figures are terrifying, but when the war against the virus is won we have to win the war against fear and I for one is determined to not let it win, although we have already decided that we will not be going supermarket shopping anymore and have everything delivered, along with all our DIY things as I really don’t want to risk Mr Points of Sue at all. I wonder if I am not the only one who has decided to change the way things were done.

For instance we are throwing away hardly any food and all leftovers are used for the following day and I am lucky as my shopping is being delivered, but I have discovered that I am actually down on my shopping bill and I am determined to keep this up when things get better to normal.

What we will be doing is taking our beloved JRT out for very long walks and we have taken in 2 more cats, which brings our total to 3 cats and one very put on dog…but that is all we want to do walk , talk, walk and put the world to right in our own way.

I hope that all people are looking on the positive side of things and continue to clap and show support for our wonderful key workers as my friends are amongst them and they are awesome people.

Stay safe, stay in and look around for things to do as once you start you cannot stop and how morale boosting to get the things done you have been putting off.