I am sure quite a few of you can remember the running fed up battles and rants I had with the chap who was running for Warrington South MP, Mr Andy Carter.

Well fast forward 3 months and not only have we buried the hatchet but we have become friends and I actually think he is now an asset to the town and the people. He has turned out to be a fantastic hardworking MP and keeping his constituents uptodate with everything that he is doing. He has even joined the community page I set up for the area and I want to admit that I don’t regret the rants, but I can admit that I was wrong to say he would be just like the previous one as he isn’t.

I live in an area that is being developed and setting up a community page was a way to keep us all in touch and it now stands at over 230 people and growing daily…(if you want to advertise please contact me) and to come together as a community to air our grievances. Andy doesn’t live in this area but he has made an effort to join in and keeps posting and has made himself accessible to the people who matter to me, and the area that matters.

I have decided to help him with the work in the area and to be the go between as it is important that as an MP he is seen and heard, and he is doing just that, which I must admit is comforting in these current times.

I never thought that my rants would go any further than just a rant but I think that saying of the pen is mightier than the sword has turned out to be quite true where this situation was concerned, and I feel that by helping him I am helping my friends and neighbours and that cannot be such a bad thing can it?