As many of you know I am a self employed blogger, political commentator and author but I also give motivational speeches on how you can live with disabilities in this day and age, and not only live with it but be a productive member of staff and where you can be an asset to your company. The glass is always half full type of thing.

I had several speaking engagements successfully under my belt before the coronavirus struck and only 2 days before I had managed to secure a speaking contract for numerous dates which for a person at the beginning of their role is like winning the lottery as it was to a considerable number of people and businesses, and what made it so exciting was being at the forefront of making changes in their companies.

Of course with this awful virus striking the population everything had come to a stop, but I was delighted to receive an email not only confirming the speaking engagements but with the possibility of extending it.

I think when the world has in effect come to a stop from everything we know as normal to actually send an email to one person to show them that they matter, and what they have to say matters has made me more determined to make this work and if companies start to look at the disabled with a more positive outlook then I have won twice.

Till we meet…thank you for bearing with me and to those who might be interested in what I have to say, then please contact me as I am happy to come in and have a chat with you before you make the decision. After lockdown has finished though.