I am delighted that our Prime Minister has been released from hospital. Boris Johnson is now on his way to chequers to spend some time resting along with his partner and lets face it….we know that he will still work but I think he will be put on a go slow by his other half.

The disgusting comments made by some momentum people, a mayor, a councillor and a trade union member has sickened people who regardless of their political allegiance are wishing the PM better and what is has shown is that we can as a nation come together behind the right person, and people know that the only person who can deal with this and put the confidence back in the government that we need is Boris himself.

I know that he doesn’t belong to the people but this must have showed him that he is admired and respected very much, and he must rest as we have invested our faith in him and he must lead us through this pandemic, or we will be just like a bunch of headless chickens otherwise as lets face it Labour are of no use, the Lib Dems with only 11 are of no use, the SNP would not be acceptable to a majority and that leaves the only natural party to deal with this crisis….the Tories….but then the ministers we have seen seem to be a bit lost in their explanation and their attitude without Boris….Dominic Raab looked like a rabbit in the headlights when he had to stand in for him. Lets face it Boris is larger than life and they and the country need him. Boris must rest and then when recovered fully take hold of the country and start to lead us out of this. The first thing he must do is cancel that Huwaei contract as I like many people and trust me I have put this out there to ask the people for their views, do not trust China and do not want them to have any part of our phone or security network.

The next thing he must do is invest heavily in starting up British companies to produce the materials we purchase cheaply in China as I could not believe it when I read that 3.5 million testing kits bought by this country from China has failed as not fit for purpose. Not only us but Portugal, America and other countries have discovered much to their disgust that the equipment is sub-standard, and for one country to make money from this knowing the vital items are useless is bordering around immoral. When this is all over and it will be over then we as a country must demand from China that they pay reparations for the damage they have caused, and as we have been informed we are not at the peak yet and it is heart-breaking to read daily the deaths of people, and countries have to pay for being responsible as it is not fair on those who are dealing with the fall out to then have to worry about their financial situation.

Backing the PM is one of the things we can do as a nation, and the Exchequer is safe in the hands of the Chancellor…the rest is a lets wait and see, but now we have a PM who is not afraid of showing his emotion and thanks, and we can now start to see a small chink of light in this dark period.

Stay safe everyone and remember that you need to keep your social distance but remember to pick up the phone to ring everyone you love, or even if you have fallen out with…ring and find out how they are….because if we can become so concerned with a PM who lets face it most of us would never meet…then ring those who we grew up with and just say hello……that’s all it takes.