People may be wondering where I have been…maybe something was keeping me from blogging and in a way yes.

You see I had decided to limit my day as I had taken responsibility along with Mr Points of Sue for a very poorly cat.

Izzy had come into our lives by appearing in our garden one day and I burst out crying when I saw him. He was scruffy, emaciated and so unwell. I picked him up, took him in and it was instant love, and I knew that the work I had would keep me at home….so anything else was not really important.

He wanted to nuzzle and kneed and we didn’t care that he smelt awful, we just knew he needed us and we him. Although our other rescue cat did not look impressed she left him alone.

We made him comfortable and called the RSPCA and you could have floored me when we found out he was chipped. How could anyone do that to such a loving animal? The RSPCA had to take him, but we knew the abusers wouldn’t pay for help so told them we will if they don’t want him.

We had an anxious 2 day wait and as sure as eggs is eggs, we got a phonecall stating they weren’t prepared to pay for him. We will I said before they had finished the sentence and the following day he was finally brought home.

He was home 50 minutes before packed off in a cat carrier to our vet for help, and I cannot fault the vet as they fussed over him and we found out he had upper and lower respiratory problems and pnuemonia, as well as a bad heart murmur. They informed us that he was too poorly for anything too evasive except care and love, and 24 hour care.

We were given back our little boy and Mr Points of Sue slept downstairs with him, and Izzy had his new heated blanket so that he would be warm, although he ended up snuggled next to his dad and it was mutual love for them both.

He gained weight quickly and then yesterday he was struggling to eat and breathe. Panic stricken we rang the vet as we thought he had a fur ball or something and he needed help clearing it, especially as he needed meds 6 times a day.

The vet checked him and said it could be an inflammation in his throat, but she would have to sedate him to find out, as trying to do otherwise could cause his precious heart to stop

We kissed him, told him be a good boy and we will see him tomorrow. 15 minutes later we had not even got home when the vet rang. Izzy had a large inoperable tumour in his throat and the shock was like someone had hit us hard.

We dashed back to see him on the operating table with tubes sticking out of him, and Mr Points of Sue had to leave the room in tears which is something I have never seen, as the vet explained that he was suffering and in pain, and would die in agony.

The result was at 1935 hours last night our beloved boy was put to sleep. We are both devastated as he had only a few weeks of love with us, but years of misery with his previous owner. Mr Points of Sue stated that this had affected him more as we knew when the time came for our beloved dogs who had passed, that they had been so very much loved and that life had been so cruel to Izzy.

We have asked for the ashes of our beloved boy back and Mr Points of Sue has taken it so badly and he is hurting. Hurting at how someone could have neglected him so badly that in the end all we could do, although not realise it was to give him palliative care.

Maybe it is about time the RSPCA did not just accept a sign over for cruelty, but actively prosecuted as it was the cruellest of things to happen to him, and the previous owners just didn’t care. It is time they stopped being viewed as property. He was a beautiful living thing and capable of such joy and love. He even loved our JRT Zeus, which Zeus took too with such enthusiasm, although bad tempered Fudge the cat remained bad tempered.

We don’t object to his very large vet bill, and what will sadly be his cremation bill and would have gladly paid whatever it took to get him better, but Mr Points of Sue is now against rescuing anymore as it is too painful. He wants to concentrate on our two pets and I have to let him be for now.

We will miss Izzy very much as he got into hearts and nursing him round the clock, to suddenly nothing is so hard to take, but he is free of pain and I held him all the way through telling him his mum and dad loved him, and we did so very much. If love could have cured him…he would have been better overnight.

Run free my darling boy and we shall miss you so very much.

Izzy just being Izzy.