Today is the day we leave the EU parliament and become our own sovereign nation, and where we make British laws for the British people.

Whilst we are rejoicing I don’t want Europe to think we have rejected you, we haven’t. I love Europe and have spent many a happy holiday in France, Austria, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. I always found the people to be lovely and welcoming…and their countries are beautiful

I have lived in Germany and found the place accommodating, lovely and nice people…..and whilst I lived there I did not want to change their laws nor their way of doing things …..and this is where we stand on BREXIT ..we did not want our beloved land changed

I will still visit the countries and marvel at their beautiful architecture and attempt to converse in a few badly spoken words. …. But when I come home it is my country… Great Britain….a home where the politicians are voted in by the people, act upon the will of the people without having to think about the EU.

Great Britain has given the world democracy and we were in danger of sleep walking into becoming a vassel state, and that is where we Britain’s differ. We don’t want to be a vassel state….we may be small but we are mighty and we have grown up with that sense of “of course you can do it .. you’re British”, and that is where your EU parliament went wrong

They did not understand that a large number of people are the children of war veterans, and it was wrong to hand over that which was so costly won. It was not the way to honour our glorious dead, nor to protect the survivors legacy.

I did not want to be ruled by Germany but would like to remain friends, as surely a friendship given freely is more honest than that forced.

Be happy for us because when we prosper, you prosper as we are not insular…we will always help when asked and the more we have to spend…the more we will spend and Europe will benefit

I did not want to pay for countries who joined just for the economic gain, and whose interests are what they can take rather than contribute. We have always stood on our own two feet, and the more we were asked to pay…the more irate we became.

Now we are out let us show how much we appreciate you because surely it is better to give it freely? We will not abandon Europe, we have just rejected a undemocratic monstrosity that will eventually bring about the ruination of Europe ….but do not fear…. We will be here to help and encourage you as good friends do.