I have been working on a document for a client whose brief was quite short and to the point……the benefits of Brexit and how it won’t affect a working relationship, especially in the area of bidding for work as a partnership (I have expertise on that which does come in handy…often).

This is a small company who export abroad and wanted to give their client the run down of why Brexit will be good for them and their client, and their joint partnership of bidding for work. I nodded in agreement and armed with my brief…came home and started to think…

Think, and think and think and think and do you know it was the hardest thing I have ever done…Not think (before you got the joke in), but looking at it from the point of view of a client who lived in Europe and who needed to know what the public mood was as it could affect their sales.

I can honestly say I have spent the largest amount of time trying to work on my opening statement than I have ever done in my working life, and the hair pulling, the dent that now exists on the desk and the 27 gallons of tea drunk were of no help…and could I get going…nope.

Then I decided to take a break as my grand-daughter had turned up with my grandsons and she promptly come running in and pronounced…nana I have decided that you are my best friend…Eureka….

That was how I would tackle it…not from a cold business point of view but from one friend to another who felt unsure of what was happening. It had taken me 3 days to research and I had wrote and rewrote the opening statement at least a dozen times to no avail as it was lacking something…and then Esme gave me the perfect opening sentence.

I wrote as if it was a friendship letter but with all the benefits of adding to that friendship, and the way both the companies can grow together. (Obviously it was more in-depth than that, but it was the opening statement that caused the writers block to start with), and because she gave me the idea…I read it to my granddaughter…bless her she had no idea what I was saying but still clapped at the end…and then once I got started the words flowed.

The upshot is the client was absolutely delighted and I did explain how I got the idea first as I like to let my client know the real me, and I am one very proud grandmother anyway and can get my pictures out of my grandchildren quicker than Hussain Bolt and his 100 metre dash if they ask.

Thanks to my granddaughter I now have a regular client which is great for me and she is going to be treated by her nana to a girls afternoon out where it will be nails and hair (which she will love).

I guess what I am trying to say is when you are lacking inspiration turn to the thing that takes you away from the cold hard business, and look at it a different way from normal and I am lucky as I have an Esme and she is my inspiration.