The defence lawyer for thug Muhammad Rodwan, a Ms Sophie Khan wanted to know why the Police had not disciplined PC Stuart Outten for using his tazer twice whilst aforementioned Rodwan was attacking him with a MACHETE.

I give up….the nasty individual convicted had already attacked people before with a machete in 1996 and had convictions for rape and drugs….so we are talking about one of life’s scumbags here people, and the lawyer suggests that a policeman being attacked should not use excessive self defence…ie…the tazer….dear god save us from the bleeding hearts brigade whose ideology offends the majority of us normal thinking people.

Here’s an idea love…lets arm the police and then he could have shot the individual dead and one less undesirable to worry about, and think of the savings to taxpayers.

I despair I really do….as lets face it, if Ms Khan was attacked she would expect the police to use whatever force necessary… wonder this country is going to the dogs. As for me…I am fully with the brave policeman and am more and more convinced that we need to arm our police as taking the bad guys off the streets permanently cannot be such a bad idea…could it?