At long last Brexit is a certainty, hurrah. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has signed the Brexit withdrawal contract and it has now been filed in the archives of the monstrosity that is the EU building.

Brexit now gives the United Kingdom control of its own laws, control of its own judicial judgements, parliament for the British people, control of our borders, control of our import and exports, control of immigration and our right to self-govern…who can argue that this is wrong?

I for one am delighted as it gives me and millions of others the freedom our generation of fathers fought for. My father fought for my freedom and the rights that he had enjoyed, and I was and am very protective of this and will always defend and fight for those rights.

For those who state that I am anti Europe…are so wrong. I am not against Europe and infact spent many a happy holiday with my parents in Europe and love France especially, but there is a difference between holidaying there and being ruled from there.

I wanted a British parliament deciding our laws, and I wanted the ability to vote in the members of parliament and PM that I felt would do the most good, such as Boris Johnson and democracy was in all its beautiful glory on the 12th December 2019 when Parliament finally had to submit to the will of the people.

They had tried for some 3.5 years to thwart the will of millions, and it was a truly shameful kangaroo parliament as 480 people had decided that I as a Brexiteer did not know what I was voting for. We Brexiteers have been called fascists, racists, thick and stupid by people who should have known better and that better is that the majority always wins. 3 times we the British public have given our decision on Brexit and at long last, and with the leadership of Boris Johnson and the draining of the swamp that is the Westminster bubble we finally have it.

Join me on the next exciting 6 days as the countdown to everything Brexit from just a blogger who is studying politics and who is very excited at the chapter that lies ahead of us….and France…no you cannot have our fish. They are in our waters and they will stay that…..this is just the start of the battle and all I can say is bring it on.