Seems the Duchess is now planning on speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in her first ever interview. The Duchess feels that Ellen “understands her pain and suffering”….. What the hell is she suffering?

The pain of the British taxpayer picking up the Β£32 million pound bill for their wedding? Β£1 million on her clothes? The private health, luxury and tax funded houses she has had use of (they have not paid anything back yet…)….the luxury jets, the holidays, the lackeys waiting on them hand and foot (even though 9 quit)….and knowing that the child she has will want for nothing? It states that this has been in the works for quite sometime so lets face it….she had no plans to stay and do the job… it was and always will be about money and fame and sod the damage done to Harry’s family…and I am sure his father and brother are desperately sad about this.

She really is becoming a royal pain in the British backside. It was summed up beautifully yesterday when it was stated that the Duchess felt that because she married Harry that she would automatically be loved, and that we would ignore all the indiscretions that they commit…you know the flying round in private jets whilst lecturing the rest of us. Spending 10 days in Africa and visiting some of the worlds poorest people whilst complaining how hard it is for them in their luxury, and how difficult it was for Harry to cope…and even he said he worries so much about the world that he can barely get out of bed…oh pleaseeee.

Lets face it, Meghan was just another D lister cable TV actress coming to the end of her career and we know how brutal TV can be on a woman of a certain age, and she snagged Harry quicker than Hussain Bolt can do his 100metres run…and now she complains. Well here’s the first bit of my complaining ….give the taxpayer back the money for the wedding, the money for your clothes, the houses, the cars, the transport, the jewels, the cost of the private birth…everything and now you can pay for your own security….especially stating she never felt at home here and will never come back, as I for one would rather have that money spent on more police on the streets protecting the people here.

I for one am glad that William is the older brother and has a steadfast wife in Catherine. She understands duty, honour and obligation and you never hear her complaining….thank god the Sussex’s are now irrelevant….