This is truly awful and those poor people who are suffering from this virus are in my thoughts. I have a wonderful young friend out in China and she is teaching and I am praying that she will remain safe.

The experts think that the virus has come from the illegal meat trade of snakes or bats and it is a pneumonia type virus ….and that upto 10,000 people have been infected already. That is frightening. It has now spread to the US and Europe and we must try and do everything we can to protect ourselves in the UK.

I am of course worried for Mr Points of Sue as he has a lung disease for which he requires life saving medication and if it hits our shores then we are going to go into bunker mentality, putting our prepping skills to good use and not be seen for about a year. …. but seriously this must be terrifying for those people who suffer with lung or heart complaints.

The fact that it is spreading so easily is really concerning

This means the illness has now spread to nine countries, including the US, and European health officials fear the never-before-seen virus will reach the continent where the UK and other nations are already on high alert. 

“It was revealed today that an American man infected with the deadly virus – which Chinese officials have warned will mutate and become deadlier – came into close contact with at least 16 people before he was put in isolation.” Daily Mail

This is seriously worrying that the virus is spreading so easily and it is being viewed as the same as the SARS 2003 outbreak and the recent Ebola outbreak.

The British Government has a lockdown on anyone coming from the city of Wahun and that all passengers will be put into solitary…but surely they should ban the flights completely as we all know the superbug virus is lurking, and waiting for man to take his eye off the ball and the victims will be the elderly, the children and those with serious illnesses….hence the worry for Mr Points of Sue.

Daily Mail – “One professor yesterday warned the outbreak has a death rate similar to the global Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918, which went on to kill more than 50million people. Data suggests two in 100 people who catch the virus will die”.

I don’t think man will ever be happy until we have either killed each other in war or through a virus that we make as lets face it, killing each other is our favourite hobby.

My heart goes out to the victims and if there is a need to restrict all flights as the world has gotten smaller and now it is making it easier for all sorts of nasties to get in areas that would have been impossible at one time. Guess advancement is not always a good thing.

(C) Daily Mail
  • Cases have now been reported in 25 provinces in China, with 593 patients now infected overall across the entire world
  • Patients suspected to have the infection are being tested in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Canada 
  • Technology giant Huawei has postponed its annual developer conference in China by more than a month following the outbreak of coronavirus
  • Lunar New Year celebrations planned for Beijing this weekend have been cancelled over fears large gatherings may spread the virus
  • Singapore became the eighth country to confirm it has a patient infected with the coronavirus
  • Vietnam became the ninth country to confirm cases – a Chinese father and son are ‘in good condition’ in a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City
  • US authorities said at least 16 people are monitored in Washington State after coming into contact with a man there who is infected 
  • Social media has shown chaotic scenes in Wuhan, the London-sized Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak, as it comes to the end of its first day in lockdown 

I and no doubt millions of others will be watching this with alarm and hoping that we are spared what must be a dreadful, dreadful virus.