Gladys Anne Logan Robson has sadly passed away aged 108 years.

This fine lady served as a Major in the ATS during WW2 and then onto the WRAC. She has lived through 20 prime ministers, 4 monarchs, the first space flights and two world wars. She must of seen some amazing technological advancements.

Mrs Robson was the senior commander in charge of women’s fitness and served in Aldershot (wonderful town), and ensured that the ATS were fit and ready. I am a former WRAC and for me this wonderful lady is the stuff of legends for my old corp and I am proud to be able to say we shared the same cap badge.

She has now gone to join her comrades in the sky and I would just like to say thank you for not only serving but for paving the way for women like me, and all future women to serve as you broke the glass ceiling for us and your courage is a shining example to us all. RIP Ma’am and god bless you.