Rebecca Wrong Daily gets it wrong daily again.

It seems Rebecca Long Bailey is determined never to have a labour party take control of the helm and be the government. She is now demanding changes to the party where it makes it easier to get rid of the moderate MPs and make the nominations open to momentum with their vile policies, their rabid anti semetism and where everything that they stand for is offensive to the public with any brains.

This will make it easier for momentum and the leftist rubbish to gain more MPs which is laughable as the electorate rejected their monstrosity in the first place.

At a London campaign event on Tuesday Ms Long-Bailey promised to introduce open selections of MP candidates if she becomes leader in place of Jeremy Corbyn in April. That would make it much easier for sitting MPs who want to seek re-election to be booted out. Ms Long-Bailey said: ‘We need to rip up our outdated rule book that has held back our members for too long and throw open the door to a new generation of MPs and candidates. ‘Being an MP or elected representative is a privilege that must be earned, and I want to open the discussion now on how our candidates should be selected, how we nurture and bring through talent in our movement, whilst recognising and valuing the experience of sitting MP’s.’ Efforts by Momentum to make this happen before December’s election proved unsuccessful, with no MPs standing for re-election being de-selected (Daily Mail).

She has already been referred to as Corbyn in a skirt and describing him as a 10/10 leader is hysterical. She has no idea that he is disliked and she will be equally disliked with her nasty policies and the backing of momentum. Lets face it anyone in momentum really is the pondlife of politics.

From a conservative point of view it is funny to watch the Labour party pull itself apart as none of them are fit to be the leader, but then there are no particularly good MPs in Labour that would be able to take the Government on, which is great for us and will guarantee that Boris gets in again.

I should imagine that all 4 of them in the Labour leadership challenge are totally blind to the fact that they are not liked, not respected and their policies are divided, non coherent and they will be subjected to the same humiliation at the next election as this one. Still I guess the £131k the leader gets makes it all worthwhile…FOR ONE OF THEM.

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