HM The Queen has at long last signed the Brexit Withdrawal Bill and we are now LEAVING…we’re OFF…..hurrah!

The announcement of Royal Assent was made in the House of Commons by deputy speaker Nigel Evans shortly after 2.30pm this afternoon. He interrupted proceedings and said: ‘Royal Assent. I have to notify the House in accordance with the Royal Assent Act 1967 that Her Majesty has signified her Royal Assent to the following act: European Union Withdrawal Agreement Act 2020.’ 

I have my Union Flag ready and will be flying it high a week on Friday, and at 2300hrs…my neighbours and I will be out in the avenue with a bottle of bubbly and hearty congratulations all around, and yes we have invited our neighbours. They moved to the UK from Europe to make a life here and they are as happy as we are, and we have grown to be very fond of them.

The thing remainers didn’t understand and still don’t….we don’t hate Europe infact quite the opposite. I love the people and the places in Europe. I have been to Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Holland and France and everywhere we went…the people were lovely and welcoming and I hope that doesn’t change. What I hated was being ruled by a monstrosity who didn’t understand us, was determined to humiliate us at every turn and who wanted nothing more than to turn us into a vassal state bank account. I wanted British law written by a British Parliament and where our law makers are accountable to the electorate. A sovereign nation and masters of our own destiny.

That is why remainers will never understand and why they think wrongly that we are fascists. The question I want to ask is how can you be fascist against an organisation as it is not a country, has no residents, no religion, does not produce goods and is not self reliant…but rather they are just a drain on the welfare of good neighbours and create divisions and hardships time and time again. It will not end well for them….thank god.

Not our problem anymore as I said…we’re going and we are glad to be going…We’re OFF (as stated by the great Anne Widdicombe).