I watched the programme last night with Thomas Markle and I felt sorry for him. I really do as he has been hung up high and dry by all parties concerned. Surely it was up to the Institution of the Royal Family…i.e. the grey men to ensure that Thomas Markle had help, advice and a press officer to help him, as lets face it how many of us could suddenly be thrust into the world cameras and come out of it normal?

I dislike publicly speaking as I get nervous, so god knows what this poor chap felt like as every move he made was dissected and no doubt ridiculed. .

I think why I feel sorry for him is that his daughter is still here, and very much talked and photographed yet he cannot see her nor his grandson. It must be so painful for him and yes I will state painful for her…as I think it has gotten to the point that she must feel that somethings cannot be fixed.

I no longer have my father and for the last 18 months of his life a very silly argument robbed me of the chance of seeing him. I heard however one day that he was poorly and in hospital, and I knew my siblings were not going to be there so I asked my youngest son to go with me and one nervous daughter entered the ward.

I saw dad and he gave me a big smile and I sat with him and told him that I loved him very much. I never expected my dad to say sorry (he had been anti semetic towards my husband), and it had gotten too much for me and I said some dreadful things and walked…but I always missed him as I am sure Meghan misses hers, and thankfully I was given the chance to make it up with him.

We might have only had 30 minutes together and sadly my dad died not long after that but I look back knowing that before he passed we got to say I love you once more. Maybe, if the press backed off and let them be so that they could get together in private they might realise that they need each other…. as one day he won’t be here and it is bad enough coping without your father at any age, but to know that you did not speak before hand could be devastating.

I think her dad if he separates himself from the other Markles where Meghan and Archie are concerned, and make sure they and the rest of the world know they are out of bounds and discussions she just might feel a lot happier, have more strength and the love back of her dad…..after all with dad backing you….you can achieve anything.