Wow just WOW…….This is the new movement leading the backlast against feminism.

The idea is that you become a traditional wife and take your inspiration from the 1950s, and you submit to your husband. (Mr Points of Sue when reading this…Hell no honey).

There is even a course for taking the wife role and where you as a woman do the cooking, cleaning, dressing in vintage clothing and putting your husband first (even above yourself)…again hell no…the relationship I have and no doubt millions of others is that we work together and are as equal as each other. These barking mad women also give up work and wait hand and foot on the Mr…..some have even gone as far as to use ration recipes and get an outside loo (again Mr Points of Sue..Nope, not a chance, never happen).

The ‘femininity finishing school’ has been created (pass the sick bucket) for training. The owner explains she wouldn’t expect her husband to come home after a day a work and cook. I would think the person at home would have done that regardless of sex, and she gets a spending allowance (what bloody planet is this woman on). Mr Points of Sue and I have joint accounts but we also have separate ones as I wanted to keep some of my liberty and not be answerable to anyone, but we still make the decisions together and it is our money…not his.

The idea behind the movement is that men must always come first and be kept happy and that the woman will be kept. Dear god what sort of lunatic asylum are these people from?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe in feminism as I believe that the best person should be given the role and that women should not expect their sexuality to get them anywhere, and if it means working harder then go for it as the self reward will be great (especially if your boss has a wife who wants on him hand and foot…he will not respect women until you show him), and the greatest thing I have done is teach my sons to respect women but also to expect respect back and to treat them as equal. You have that and you have a happy marriage.

My youngest son has already stated that if his wife earned more money than him and there were children he would be perfectly happy to see to the children, and work part time and that he would not feel inferior as fathers can look after children just as good as mothers.

I totally agree with him and that is feminism. He is also a great cook and loves cooking…and the kitchen is his. So I know one wife who will be happy, but seriously can women just not settle for being an equal? Making the family unit work and not having the labels dating from a time that has long past?

Why do they have to be rabid feminist or a mousy submissive? When our children were growing up it was the obvious choice for me to be the stay at home parent as Mr Points of Sue was a career soldier. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing up my 3 but when it got to the point of the youngest one being 14 and 6ft…then it was time for me to go work and I was fully supported by Mr Points of Sue, who was always telling me how incredibly proud he has been of me.

Which ever one finished work early cooked…working together (as Mr Points of Sue had retired from the Army then and working in civvy street). If Mr Points of Sue worked the weekend I did everything in the house whilst he worked, or if I worked then he did the housework. There are traditional jobs that he does such as DIY as I was always useless and knock bloody great holes in wall putting up a picture, but that was not something I felt I must conquer to show feminism but rather accepted he could do better than me, and I have not been proved wrong.

At no point would he ever ask me to be submissive as he would get “that look” and he knows the answer without asking. I must admit I am unable to do a lot of things now due to the issue with my health and Mr Points of Sue does it or my son Tom, but hubby does it because he loves me and cannot that be the reason for wanting to look after your other half? After all who would look after the traditional wife is she became ill? Certainly not her husband as he would not know what to do due to being spoilt and we all know that if you take on the housework, then it is expected continually…what happens on retirement? Are the roles still the same? Higher rate of divorce there I can tell you.

I feel that this movement will set women back 50 years. Why can we not be equal just because we are and in my home we are. It took both of us to bring up our children and it took both of us to pay for our son to go through University, and it is both of us who our children to turn too…even as adults.

Women with their feminism and then this traditional movement really are their own worst enemy as we do not need labels and we do not need boxes, just the support of our partners to achieve the best we can, and us supporting them in return. Everyone happy then.