This is not how you expect a Chief Inspector to behave….

Chief Inspector Louise Hubble from Hampshire Police has appeared in a rap video miming to Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah.

The Chief Inspector heads up the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NCWU) and is dressed in a red hoodie as she mime raps along the Thames. Whilst I am all for having fun, the Chief Inspector is supposed to remain impartial but she has managed to upset the Country Alliance and Farmers. The Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance Tim Bonner states that it is not very reassuring when the head of the NCWU takes part in the most bizarre video.

In the video alongside the Chief Inspector is a Dr Ruth Tingay who is considered a thorn in the side of the Country Alliance and Farmers and in reality the police should not be making videos with them. The Chief Inspector would not have needed advice on this, but rather her own intelligence should have told her to stay away…but no….it seems that some in the police are determined to become media stars instead of doing their job. To add insult to injury the video was released on the Raptor Conversation UK website…another organisation run by Dr Tingay.

I am not saying that you cannot help to protect nature but to say that there has been a collaboration of partners when there hasn’t is not good for fostering impartiality.

The Chief Inspector’s position is now untenable and she should step down as it will be obvious for all to see that the Country Alliance and Farmers have lost faith in her, and will no doubt cause friction. Not at all the desired outcome.