Mr Points of Sue has created the most beautiful bedroom space and at long last I have had that de-cluttering that we all know we should do, but if we shut the wardrobe doors it has gone (miracle)….and we can ignore it…till now.

Anyway I decided to get it done and my god….15 pairs of new shoes in boxes that I will never wear due to my arthritis spreading…and they are beautiful (so eBay for me), and working handbags (5) of which I will not use and don’t even begin to mention the clothes, coats, jackets that I will be listing…all new and never worn, so all eBay for me and hopefully a new owner who will get some use.

I have now set myself a task that I will buy this year only the things I need and not the things I want as if we all looked in our wardrobes that apart from finding Narnia, we would be aghast at the money spent on trivial things.

Maybe after cold turkey I will get used to not going shopping and actually feel good with myself. I will let you know how it goes….that and the next 50 years spent loading up Ebay…:(