Seems the problem with the Sussex’s has now been resolved.

They will no longer be HRH and that has been mothballed, they will pay back the cost of refurbishing Frogmore Cottage which is fantastic and will no longer represent the Queen and the Royal Family.

He will lose his military appointments including Captain General of the RM, and they will no longer have any role within the Royal Family and I can only assume that includes the Commonwealth roles.

I feel for Harry as he has given it up for the love of a woman and I hope to god she loves him back just as much as he will feel a little lost I should imagine…..lets face the people who hang round are only doing it because they were HRH and I wonder if these same people will stay with them now they are not? He shall soon know who are friends and who are not. I know that I gave up my family (siblings) for the love of a good man (they had a problem with his religion) and I have never regretted it and 30 years later he is not a bad old stick…so it does work and I hope for his sake it does.

We all know that the monarchy is safe in the hands of William, put it is an awful lot for him to pick up and he is lucky as he has the love of a good woman and fantastic in laws. Maybe if Meghan had the same thing with her family that things would have been different and Harry could have carried on…but he is gone now and I wish them well, I really do as he has sacrificed so much and I know that we shall never see the Duchess in the UK again.