I am absolutely livid at YODEL and the idiot driver who left my parcel in full view of the road without bothering to even knock on the door, as I have been waiting for this since yesterday and was actually sat in the living room and if they had bothered knocking I would have gone straight to the door.

It is 2 singing whales for two children and I cannot believe that YODEL view leaving the parcels in full view of the road, the street etc as a safe place, and now the parcel has been stolen.

Trying to get in contact with them is dreadful and they have an appalling service, and I will certainly not be using them again (although on this time I was on the receiving end and did not pick them). I will not give in until they have reimbursed the money, and got the inept person who thinks a safe place is under my white meter box by the garage in full glare of everyone as a safe place to apologise, as it is stupidity at its best and total negligent at its worst.

Do they specialise in employing people like this? As if he can see the area….then so can everybody else, which is obviously what happened. Has anyone else had a problem with YODEL? They are now going to be the subject of an investigation for me as they have the worse customer care service I have ever seen, as a specialist training manager in large company customer services…..they need a lot of work as my son had a terrible time with them and his parcel…drove him to distraction in the end.