As a Brexiteer my answer is yes ..all church bells should be rung as it is a victory…a victory of our independence.

I can only imagine the horror party if Remain had successfully blocked BREXIT…and to say we should be magnanimous in victory is laughable. We had it thrown in our faces for years all the twists, the scheming and the wish of remainer parliament to stop us leaving the EU, and it got to the point that our own parliament was trying to stitch us up.

The fact the Conservatives got a thumping majority does in my view show that a bigger percentage wants to leave, therefore we should ring them and maybe those with the Stockholm syndrome regarding the EU will realise, that we have the left the monstrosity that is the EU parliament…which is not a country….but we remain close to our European friends.

Just friends who don’t interfere and dictate because let’s face it, if we had friends like that we would drop them quicker than a hot stone….