I am asking people who are both overweight and of perfect weight to send me their health stories, their struggles, recipes, fitness plans, photos and help where possible for a new weight free blog. You do not have to be in business, and you can write under a pseudonym, but the idea is that it is written by us for us.

The magazine will have a reach of 149 million people and it is a great way to get your ideas, help and if you would like to advertise your company for weight loss, boot camp etc then please send me details as it is a book for free both by the contributors and for those who want to read it.

My email address is H2SConsultants@gmail.com and all items sent will be posted if appropriate to the story, and your stories of success would be awesome.

It is a magazine that is now up and running albeit on its first day and we need lots of contents and as a person who has and can still struggle with her weight everyday it would be awesome to have support coming from people who are like me, and who knows we could revolutionize the way diets are looked at. I have researched it and taken feedback from large number people and the idea is very welcome as the cost of joining clubs can be expensive, as well as buying diet books and finding those recipes that are “diet” proof can be expensive, especially on a budget….so the idea is to keep it simple, keep it inexpensive and lets promote a healthy living through working together as a team. I will where possible include health tips and advice from the experts….so if that is you then work with us and I will be happy to promote you, your company and all relevant contact details.

Who knows what we can achieve together……….